i like looking at the one direction fandom from an outside perspective because on one hand you get the cute lil 11 year-olds who change their last names on facebook to Styles or Payne and then you get the 20 year-olds on this site talking about gargling Zayn’s asshole

which category do you fall into?

i’m 32.  I’m in that next level category.  That I don’t care that he’s 20 i’d still like to throw Harry Styles down and have my way with him category.  And Zayn and Liam too.  Gargling assholes tho….like what kind of time to these children have on their hands?  Have they even seen a penis?  That is enough to deal with much less even REMOTELY even trying to think about gargling an asshole.  I don’t care if it belongs to Zayn.  Just….no.